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156 Llydican Extension, Chatham Ontario, N7L 3E8


Just had our ducts done March 28, 2019 in Wallaceburg Ontario.  Paul and Dave did an excellent job and were very professional.  I would highly recommend their service.

Don Bryan, 2019

Seeing is believing!! When I saw the before and after pictures of my ducts, I was amazed at the difference.

Jennifer, Tilbury, 2019

I couldn't believe the difference in the before and after pictures!!

Verstrate, Chatham, 2019

Wow, pictures don't lie!!

Preston, Chatham, 2019

I was from out of town, a little leery, and not sure who to trust.  Dr. Duct, was qualified, pleasant and surpassed all of my expectations.

Englehart, Petrolia, 2019

This is the 3rd time I have had Dr. Duct clean my ducts, and  I wouldn't think of ever hiring another Duct Service.

Tran, Chatham, 2019

Very pleased, satisfied with the quality, price, and procedure!

Hendricks, Chatham, 2019

​We were very happy with the service we received from Dr. Duct.  We had no idea that the air we were breathing was causing so many colds and flu's.  Thank you Dr. Duct

Jilliane, Sarnia, 2018

I wasn't home when Dr. Duct cleaned our ducts.  But, when I walked in the house, I could notice the difference in air quality right away.

Rae, Sarnia, 2018

Small town service is better.  Very pleased!

Barbara, Ridgetown, 2018

Dr Duct came to my home and found so much dirt and pollutants in my vents.  I am so glad he was able to use video technology to actually show me the dirt that was polluting the air that my newborn daughter was breathing.

Sandy, 2012

Thanks to Dr Duct, I am have been feeling much better in my home.  Dr Duct was able to identify and remove dust and allergens that had caused many breathing related issues for me.  Since Dr Duct has cleaned my vents and furnace, I am not using inhalers and am not always coughing.  Thanks Dr Duct.

Anthony, 2010

I have moved 3 times over the last 15 years and have had Dr. Duct clean my ducts in every house.  I have also been very satisfied with the quality and workmanship from Dr. Duct.  

Bill, 2014

After we remodelled our home, I could not believe the mess!  The dust and mess left behind was unimaginable.  After having Dr. Duct clean the duct work, I couldn't believe the difference in dust control and my overall health.  I was no longer sneezing and was able to enjoy taking a breath of fresh air again.  Thank you Dr. Duct.

John, 1994

In 1997, I called Dr. Duct to inquire about duct work and air quality in my business.  It seemed that quite frequently, an employee of mine would get a cold and soon after the entire office was off ill.  Dr. Duct was able to identify and clean the duct work which has led my office to be happier, healthier and more productive.  

Bill, 2000

When our business moved, I called Dr. Duct to clean the duct work in our new location.  Dr. Duct did a great job.  Dr. Duct was upfront, explained everything he needed to do, and showed me why he needed to do it.  I was very happy with the work Dr. Duct completed, but most importantly, I trusted his opinion and will call him again when I need great duct cleaning service.

Ed, 2008